Sobriety Strategies: 13 Tips for Staying Sober


I’d argue that many of us gravitated to a group of friends who have drinking habits that align with our own, and we did this because we didn’t want sober friends. Now that you are sober, you may have discovered that some of your past relationships were not only unhealthy but downright toxic. It’s not just your drinking buddies and drug dealers who can get you into trouble—sometimes those who are closest to you can contribute to a relapse.

Adele Tells Las Vegas Crowd She Stopped Drinking ‘3 & A Half Months Ago’ – Billboard

Adele Tells Las Vegas Crowd She Stopped Drinking ‘3 & A Half Months Ago’.

Posted: Thu, 19 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

There are so many daytime activities that you can participate in. There is an entire daytime world drinking out of boredom of experiences waiting for discovery. Sobriety is not boring when you make it a point to exercise.

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Remember, it’s not that sobriety is terrible, but that your brain is trying to grapple with the sudden loss of dopamine. But I’m going to explore solutions for people who sit at various points along the “sobriety is so boring” spectrum. Take what applies to you and leave whatever doesn’t. Sometimes we would watch a show, but even that become untenable for me after a couple of drinks because I did not have the attention span for it. It’s hard to fill that time, especially when dealing with alcohol cravings and triggers. It’s important to remember to dream and dream big.

  • Many people use drugs because they want to feel high and they want to experience an adrenaline rush.
  • Once the fun and novelty of being in recovery wears off, you can be left feeling bored.
  • A lot of people don’t feel good when they first get sober, so it’s totally understandable if your feelings are all over the place.
  • Personally, I always thought drunk people were fun, and I didn’t want my own poop relationship with alcohol to stand out.
  • Just be sure that your rewards don’t involve drugs or alcohol.

One anonymous woman opened up about how she and her roommate got into a massive argument. The OP’s roommate, who is a huge people-pleaser and a “relationship chameleon,” suddenly demanded that they ban all alcohol at home. This happened because she got into a relationship with a man who was a recovering alcoholic. Read on for the full story and an important update, as well as the advice the AITA online community shared with the author.

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Sober and bored is nothing more than a mentality. I’ve spent the last seven years researching and understanding alcoholism, addiction, and how people get sober. Additionally, I examine the way mental and physical health as well as our relationships with others impact the reasons people drink and their role in maintaining sobriety long-term. I don’t really like or agree with the 12-step program because I think the idea that you need to find religion/faith to quit drinking is bs. But based on the post, the roommate seems like the problem. She is the one who copies the lifestyles/diets/religions of every man she dates and decided to pull a “we banned alcohol in the house” on OP.

sober and bored

My friends and I got together for happy hours after work. During the day, there were all-inclusive brunches. It all felt normal, even the terrible parts like awful hangovers and hangxiety. It’s why nothing seems fun or exciting, and you struggle to motivate yourself to have a good time. We have expert addiction specialists standing by ready to speak confidentially with you.


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