It once was that lovers were accompanied by hardship and tragedy each step in the method. Inspect Shakespeare’s reports of great lovers: Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, in case you are sceptical. Actually happier endings didn’t take place without some supernatural help (notice Winter’s story).

However these days courtships tend to be abbreviated and intercourse is actually accessorised and even chemically enhanced. Just what exactly helps make a significantly better lover? A better memory space, for starters.

Valentine’s Day could be the least of the worries, since every window display is going to be pushing heart-shaped delicious chocolate and red-colored flowers, but make an effort to recall some other essential dates (anniversaries and birthdays) with a personal organiser.

Aphrodisiacs were attracting the gullible for centuries, but Isabel Allende’s guide Aphrodite (£9.99, Flamingo) attempts to sort myth from slightly less suspicious reality. Old favourites include oysters, at doing 84p each, and asparagus (seasonal). Cocoa really floods the brain with the same chemical compounds launched by falling in love (endorphins), but try not to mistake it with coca (similar chemical compounds, costly).

China and taiwan takes aphrodisiacs a little more honestly, to the stage of very nearly wiping whole types of rhino and tiger. Perhaps the humble musk deer suffers. Musk features long perfumed the aromatic classes and sells for approximately £13,000 per pound. The fact that its produced from glands across deer’s genitals doesn’t seem to place any individual off, nor the fact that trappers have reduced their particular figures to about 800,000 in the field (one deer produces merely 28g of musk).

Ginseng is another outdated chestnut, though it is available out of your regional health-food go shopping for £3.99 for 30 pills without running into you a responsible conscience. The research of love features, however, in addition dedicated to gender and created Viagra.

A lot more hands-on help can be available at a Tantra workshop. Tantric sex examines inner sensuality, but furthermore instructs men to create love for hrs. A basic week-end training course is £100 per individual (advanced party work is readily available, it states here, but you commonly permitted to join in along with other students).

Nevertheless the many standard partner’s item has long been alcohol – you simply can’t get far incorrect with a container of wine.

Psion personal organiser





84p each

Bollinger MV Brut



£13,000 per pound


£3.99 per 600mg


£4 per tablet

Tantric sex training course