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Ever wished you could get a workout in without worrying if they gym would be open? Now you don't have to! We are now open 24/7 so you can be fit and healthy anytime!
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With all new sound system, lighting, and local celebrity instructors like Utley, Lauren, and Spin Bob - it's no wonder our Spinning® Studio has been called the "Keystone Studio" of the area by Spinning® Elite.
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Barre is the latest celebrity secret for staying lean and firm. Barre classes are now included in our memberships, allowing you to have elite studio classes under one roof with no additional cost!
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Who We Are

The Sporting Club at Voorhees Town Center is changing the fitness world. These days it's more about wellness, and individuals shouldn't have to decide between enjoying their workout and being able to afford it. Our 15,000 sq ft facility offers more than just a large weight room and cardio equipment, but it also offers premium classes that are only typically given in solo studios or for an additional fee. By allowing individuals to get premium Barre, Spinning, Toning, Yoga, Tabata, Zumba, and other classes included in our low $29.99/mo membership, it allows individuals to eliminate barriers and show up at the gym and then if they want additional help they can use the money they saved on the membership to buy things that are proven to deliver faster results, such as personal training and weight-loss coaching.

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Group Fitness Classes

Get connected and inspired by New Jersey’s best instructors who lead our amazing cardio, Zumba®, strength classes, as well as our mind/body fusion workouts such as Yoga, Barre, and Rise and Shine Bootcamp.
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